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All Medicare card holders are eligible for a rebate for standard services offered at Brightside Medical. To make sure you receive your rebate as soon as possible (in most cases within 24 hours), our reception staff will process the rebate directly into your debit (savings/cheque) card.

Please bring a EFTPOS card on the day of your appointment.

On the rare occasion that this process is ‘out of service’, please make sure you have linked your Medicare Card to your MyGov profile, and that you have nominated a bank account. Our friendly staff will then be able to assist you in claiming your rebate via your Medicare Portal.

What is the Extended Medicare Safety Net?

For individuals and families who have paid doctors above a certain amount of money ‘out of pocket’ in a given year, Medicare will provide you a higher rebate to cover more (up to 80%) of your out of pocket costs. This could be relevant for big families, or years with many doctor appointments.

Click below to see the Medicare website for more information.