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Specialised GP services

Woman’s Health

Comprehensive well woman check, papsmears, contraception, family planning, pregnancies, postpartum care and menopause.

Skin Checks

Offering full skin check, biopsy and excision of suspicious skin lesions.

Travel Medicine / Vaccinations

Review of your travel itinerary, travel health advice and travel immunisations.

Brightside Medical is an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

WorkCover & Work Medicals

Checks to assess fitness for new employment and consultation for work related injuries.

Q Fever immunisation available.

Mental Health Assessments

Holistic approach in context to your life, offering mental health care plans and reviews.

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Comprehensive assessment of your muscle, bone and joint pains to design a collaborative management plan for you.

Driving Medical

Assessments for fitness to drive, including assessments for private and commercial driving.

Children’s Health

Newborn and children health reviews including providing immunisations as per the Australian Immunisation Register.

Men’s Health

Upfront, evidence-based approach for health matters specific to men, including prostate and sexual health.


Heart Check

Comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessments to prevent future heart related problems.

Asthma Assessments

Assessment of severity of symptoms, medication therapy and completion of an asthma management plan.

Sexual Health

Got an intimate question? We offer quality advice in a professional setting. We offer PrEP consultations.

Nursing supported services


Includes all vaccinations as per the Australian Immunisation Register and immunisations required for travel.


Administration of prescribed injection medications

Includes “Depo”, “Testosterone” and other prescription intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.

Iron infusions

Full medical and nursing support at the clinic for the treatment of iron deficiency for patients requiring the infusion. Please contact our friendly staff for further information.

Électrocardiogramme bleu

ECG, spirometry and other diagnostic testing

Specialised assessment using Brightside Medical’s newest medical equipment

Ear Syringing

For the removal of blocked ear wax

Pathology collection

We are able to collect blood specimens on site for your convenience

Allied Health services


Let us help you achieve your goals. Our highly experienced physiotherapists treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Book online via   www.symmetryphysio.com.au

Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychologist Jodie Roper works with all clients through a positive working relationship in which change, growth and personal development are encouraged and supported.